Manatee Aquatic, LLC

We work with residential and commercial waterfront owners to free their property of fresh water invasive aquatic species, specifically milfoil 

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Our Mission

To create a more favorable swimming and boating space for lake front property owners, while ensuring a healthier environment for native aquatic life

Our Vision

To permanently eradicate invasive aquatic species at every waterfront home in the greater Seattle area, not only benefitting property owners, but also increasing underwater biodiversity and life

This is the best home improvement decision I have made for my lake house. My family and friends said that this was the greatest summer of swimming that they had experienced. I had no issues with my boat propellor getting tangled in seaweed. All of the employees were courteous and professional.
— John C.

What We've Achieved

100% seasonal milfoil eradication
100% customer satisfaction
100% fun!