The Team

We are the co-founders and owners of Manatee Aquatic, LLC

Graduates of Seattle Academy, 2016


George eitel

Entrepreneurship Major | Loyola Marymount University, 2020

"Manatee Aquatic is the solution to one of the most invasive species west of the Mississippi. Our unique benthic barrier method is the healthiest for the environment and the most efficient for our customers. We aim to keep it that way"

-George Eitel


andrew westhoff

Neuroscience Major | Santa Clara University, 2020

"Understanding the ecological effects of milfoil has allowed Manatee Aquatic to create the most environmentally sound and effective method of removing aquatic weeds. We strive to leave your lakefront property in top condition after our work is done."

-Andrew Westhoff


julien lewin

Economics Major | Bates College,

"Our company has been able to communicate effectively with clients. It is my priority to ensure that customer satisfaction is at its highest."

-Julien Lewin