You Have the Opportunity to Transform your Lakefront Property into the Ultimate Recreational Area

At the Same Time You can be Sure You Will Not be using Chemicals or Other Agents Dangerous to the Environment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Milfoil a Problem?

    •    It has virtually no predators and it grows excessively fast. If a piece is cut off it can reseed itself and start a whole new crop. It spreads extremely fast and is very hard to eradicate!

What can be Done About It?

    •    Picking
    •    Poisoning
    •    Benthic Barriers

Why Choose Manatee Aquatic?

    •    Environmentally friendly: Using Seasonal Benthic Barriers is the most environmentally friendly form of aquatic plant control. It keeps invasive species out like Milfoil, but it does not harm the native plants over the long term!

    •    Fast installment: With our method, it only takes us about two hours to install the mats and another hour to come and remove it, so we will be out of your hair in no time!

    •    Long lasting: Since our system is so easy, we can pick up the mats and clean them off every once in a while in order to keep them in great shape!

    •    Safe: We do not use unsecured stakes or large staples to secure the mats on the bottom. We use rebar that sits on the bottom horizontally, each piece with rubber caps on either end so it is a super safe product!

    •    Efficient: It takes no time to install and only needs a month in the water before your Milfoil is dead for a year!

    •    Economical: Since we DO NOT charge hourly, our price is much lower than our competitors!

How Long Does it Last?

    •    We leave the mat down for roughly 1 month. This kills the milfoil that is currently growing because it deprives the plant of sunlight. After the mats are removed, the milfoil does not grow back due to its long gestation period of one year. This is also based on how infected your neighbors are with milfoil; so get them on board too!

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