Your Client Experience

Buyer-Seller Contact

Communicate via email or phone to establish relationship and set up property visit

Providing a Quote

Visit property by boat to inspect terrain and link your priorities with our expertise 1

Selecting Proposal(s)

Customer response to various seaweed cover proposals and sets up installation date 2

Return to Property with Equipment

Meet on dock with equipment and review selected proposal. Install tarps

Screen Removal Process

We will return within the following 6 weeks to monitor the progress of milfoil suppression3

When appropriate, we will remove the screens at no charge!


1Per request, we will be available to bring all necessary equipment for same-day installation

2See below for 2 example proposals

3Screens do not need to be left down indefinitely because milfoil will eventually decompose

Proposal 1.jpg

Proposal 1

1 screen

Proposal 2.jpg

Proposal 2

2 screens

These screens are chemical free, sun light barriers that are an affordable solution for the control of the aquatic weeds that have detrimental effects on water quality and the recreational use of lakes. Our screens are designed for the lake front property owner to rid his or her waterfront of unsightly aquatic weeds with 100% effectiveness. This style of lake weed control is considered an improvement on the benthic barrier, and its design has advantages over the other sunlight blockers currently on the market, and is by far the least costly and most effective.

Why We are the Best Option

While our competitors pull milfoil from the shore bottom, not targeting the roots, we cover the milfoil with screens that block the weed's access to UV light, prohibiting the plant from growing via photosynthesis. Not only is our method the most eco-friendly milfoil removal, it is also less expensive, faster, and more effective.