Why use our Screens for your Lake Weed Control?

Aquatic weed control is more than just killing the weeds everywhere in your lake, there needs to be a balance for the body of water to be healthy. A healthy lake has many things going for it: 

  • Clean clear water

  • Appropriate aquatic plant life

  • Waterfowl

  • Fish

A lake or pond that has turbid water, that smells, has fish kills and masses of aquatic weeds and algae forming mats on the surface is in need of help; a significant management program is indicated; one in which our aquatic weed control service can play a critical role. In comparison to how we stack up against our competition, we are: more effective, less expensive, and more eco-friendly.  


Non Chemical Weed Control

Our screens are a "Green" solution to the aquatic weed problem that effects 85% of all fresh water bodies around the world. This tool is 100% effective in the control of subsurface aquatic weeds. It is one of the only Non-Chemical lake weed control solutions.

native plant regrowth

While it may seem counterintuitive to deprive aquatic plants of sunlight in order to sustain native plant life, it is required. Milfoil is such an invasive plant that it chokes out all surrounding native plant life. 


Increase biodiversity 

After the 4-6 week period of the milfoil's decomposition native plant life begins to regrow. Our model is ecologically sustainable because the quick regrowth of  native plants supplies organisms with nutrients to survive.